Incarnation Healing is an astrological, healing and metaphysical practice intended to create awareness of your true purpose and to make the best of your life.

By using its services you will gain deep insights and healings that help you understand the true opportunities of your life and how you can work with your birth-endowed capabilities for greater health and happiness.

The practice offers  "whole of lives" solutions in three stages.

  • Analysis of your birth chart to determine the challenges you have set yourself in the present incarnation and the legacies from your previous lives. 

  • Cleansing of the self-sabotaging and illness-creating parts of your unconscious through past life regression and trauma and spirit releasement sessions.

  • Training to prepare for the afterlife.

This unique combination of spiritual services is the result of 40 years research by Keith Magnay into the secret mechanisms of our universe incorporating astrology, psychology, kabbalah, hermeticism and shamanism. A high initiate in Orders teaching Ancient Wisdom he is a published astrologer and qualified shamanic practitioner.


For enquiries and further details of any of our services please email: